Vote SV for environment and justice

Dear Oslo,

It matters who rules. For the past eight years, the city has had a red-green majority and a mayor from SV. The air has become cleaner and emissions have been lowered. Free Activity School and free school meals. Better public transport and less car traffic. More welfare and less privatization.

We are proud of everything we have achieved, but we must continue!

The inequality must be reduced

Oslo is still a divided city with large differences in power and wealth. Where you live has an effect on what opportunities you have. SV will do something about this. By letting those with the most contribute more, we can afford to make Oslo a better city to live in for everyone.

SV will prioritize:

✻ Non-profit welfare. Kindergartens, elderly care and child protection must be run by the municipality or non-profit organizations.
✻ A fair housing policy. Everyone should have a safe home, regardless of whether they rent or own. We want to make it easier for young and first-time buyers to own their own home.
✻ Safe jobs for everyone. Cleaners at schools and nursing homes will be given full and permanent positions in the municipality.

Emissions must decrease

The climate crisis is here now, and must be solved now. The next few years will determine whether the world meets its climate goals. SV will therefore strengthen Oslo’s climate goals with new solutions. We will not give up until emissions are below zero, and Oslo captures more CO2 than we emit.

SV will prioritize:

✻ Solar power on 40.000 roofs by 2030. This way we will have less emissions and lower electricity bills.
✻ More investment in bicycles, trams, buses and railways – it will be easier to travel environmentally friendly.
✻ Car-free city life in the city center, around the schools and where people live. Everyone must have access to nature locally.

A motivating school

Motivated students learn more. Therefore, we need a more practical and varied school with less stress, and a leisure time where children have the time – and the money – to cultivate their interests. All children must be part of a community where they can learn, succeed and thrive.

SV will prioritize:

✻ Homework at school and free time at home for the youngest pupils. Introduce a no-homework norm for 1st-4th grade.
✻ A fair admission system to upper secondary school, which provides real freedom of choice and more diversity.
✻ Maximum price for leisure activities. All young people must be able to afford to participate in sports and culture.

Our candidates

1st candidate: Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll

Sunniva is the Vice Mayor for Education and Child Services in Oslo. She is passionate about stopping the climate crisis, reducing inequality and ensuring that all children and young people have a good upbringing.

2nd candidate: Omar Samy Gamal

Omar is SV’s mayoral candidate and fights for a city that includes everyone. Previously, he has worked in a fast food restaurant and as a teacher. Today he is the Vice Mayor for Culture and Sport in Oslo.

3rd candidate: Sarah Safavifard

Sarah is a feminist and fights for a fair housing policy and a future free of natural disasters and climate crisis. She is a teacher and is ready for four new years in Oslo City Council.

4th candidate: Ola Wolff Elvevold

Ola lives in Groruddalen, leads SVs group in the city council and has a long history of working in the environmental movement. He wants to cut climate emissions with better public transport services, green urban development and solar energy on the city’s roofs.

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